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Share the love your users show you and your business with distinctive testimonials.

Using the

powerful shortcode generator you can easily show your users testimonials the way you want, and then

style it to your tastes with the excellent DTPanel options panel.

Distinctive Testimonials is

fully responsive (resize your browser when viewing the demo to see it in action.


Distinctive Testominals post type allows you to add unlimited testimonials and display them in a

variety of ways. Choose from grid, masonry, carousel or paged layout. Its all handled by the included

options and has been created to be very simple yet very powerful to use.

You can control each

of the layouts fully with the shortcode generator. You can choose to display/hide clients name and

testimonu, as well as how many columns (1-4) you wish to use.

Let Your Users Submit Via

Front End Add a form to your site with our easy shortcode system which allows users to submit

their own glowing reviews of your business and services, they can add their name, testimony, role and

even a picture! You can also choose to post this right away or you can approve it yourself before it

displayed, its up to you!

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Top Features

  • Easy to

    use shortcode generator

  • Responsive
  • DTPanel options panel
  • User submitted

    testimonials status (draft/post)

  • Easy to use


04/08/2013 - v1.00 - Release