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Edit Database Field PRO WL is a wordpress library which help you to display the field you want from database and you can edit it with Ajax ( without reloading page ).The Field can be edit in different types : text , textarea, select , radio button, date , slider, colorpicker, switch on/off button, google map location box, video player autogenerate from youtube links.Also you can add to the editable field filters ( is email , is url and others ).
That library is very useful for building wordpress plugins ( backend and frontend ) and wordpress themes.


  • You can search field in MySQL databse and:
    • display it on different ways:
      • simple text
      • color box
      • on/off status button
      • google map box – autogenerated from location that you want
      • video player – autogenerated from video link ( youtube.com )
    • Real-time edit ( without reloading page ) it on different ways:
      • in text input box
      • in textarea box
      • in dropdown select box
      • with radio buttons
      • with checkbox
      • select date box
      • in slider
      • in colorpicker box
      • with switch on/off button
      • in google map box – autogenerated from location that you want
  • with a lot of customizable options:
    • MySQL database configuration
    • error message configuration in case: if field does not exist
    • possibility to add Class for displayed field
    • save button text configuration
    • for slider you can customize also: minimum, maximum and step value
    • for google map box you can customize also: width, height and zoom
    • you can customize tooltip text message and position
    • you can add validation filters: required, email, url, phone, alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, date
    • you can customize errors messages for filters
  • Very simple to use. You don’t need know PHP language. You can generate directly code with our CodeGenerator.


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