General Overview

Fluid Layer 7 is unique kenburn slider with animation-available layer.
It is built in latest jQuery and mobile compatible so anyone can easily use it without any restriction.
Provides 10 Fancy skins from IOS7 style to Christmas skin with which you can build your excellent stylish slider. Already ready for fixed dimension as well as fullwidth slider.
And it is fully responsive and modern features like Video embed,Smart Lightbox are supported which make it more stunning.

Specially designed for site fancy redecoration with sharp look.
Supports smooth transition and 10 types of Kenburn Effect and 17 options for Layered Transitioned.
It is never ever existed so far and definitely Fancy Kenburn Slider you’ve longed for. Grab it now!

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Key Features

  • Premium 10+ fancy skins
  • 17 Layer Control Options
  • 6 Smooth Transitions
  • Easy to implement and customize
  • Unlimited slides – Users can insert as many slides as he wants.
  • Unlimited Title Caption
  • Native browser support
  • Html5/Css3 transitions support – It uses html5/css3 transition for modern browsers.
  • Image Lazy Loading – Fluid Layer 7 loads all images at once so that he/she doesn’t wait again while slides.
  • Image Preview support – Fluid Layer 7 provides image preview option on hover.
  • Customizable width and height – Width and height can be set.
  • Fully responsive – It’s fully responsive so it can be attached in touch device.
  • Full width functionality involved – Full width slider is available
  • Lightbox support – It supports lightbox based on users’ demand.
  • Touch device support – Touch events are supported.
  • Mouse swipe navigation support – Swipe functionality is available so users feel comfortable to navigate.
  • Scroll Navigation Type
  • Video content support(Youtube,Vimeo) – Embeded videos are supported.
  • Carousel support – Carousel viewmode is supported.
  • Bullet support – Bullet viewmode is supported.
  • Keyboard navigation available
  • Multiple browser configuration(IE8+,Opera,Chrome,Safari,Firefox)
  • Automation support
  • Progressbar type can be set(linear/circle)


The followers of Fluid Layer 7 are always supported by us.
For any complaint or queries, Do not hesitate even a sec to contact us who will be happily assisting you to solve the problem.


Many thanks to all of them who made this slider come into the world.

JQuery Easing Plugin:
JQuery Knob Plugin:
Monkey Patch:

And Deep thanks again to all of them who release their sources free for the developers again.

Update/Release Log

12/21/2013: Version 1.0.0

Initial Release