I wrote the following in a hurry as I’m going to Sweden now (to get some snus!) so excuse any spelling mistakes or if I am unclear. I’ll make sure it’s good once I get back home, cheers!

I have already started working on the next version which will…

  • Improve documentation on the PHP Classes
  • Add a bunch of validators for Zip Codes, Phone numbers, Visa Cards etc
  • Improve form building workflow (no major changes though, so no worries)


  • [AUg 13, 2013]: Initial Release

What’s this?

Forms are boring. Especially when you need to implement ajax and both server-side and client-side validation. NeatForms to the rescue!

At a glance, NeatForms…

  • Create forms the object-oriented way.
  • Without the need to write any HTML markup or Regular Expressions.
  • Handles the client-side – It comes as a jQuery Plugin too.
  • Does validation both server and client-side!
  • Does not force you to use jQuery, or any CSS Framework.
  • … but it comes with Twitter Bootstrap support out of the box!
  • Is flexible, allowing you to extend it easily.
  • Includes validation for URL, Email, Alpha, Alphanumeric etc.

NeatForms is super simple. It’s built to be understandable and flexible for any project.

NeatForms comes with 3 default display methods including inline, vertical and table.

It also provides error messages for all validators like email, url, numbers etc. These messages are currently only in english. I have plans to implement a localization system in the next version.

While NeatForms ‘is’ a jQuery plugin as well and includes a 4-line CSS file for basic error styling.

However, it does not force you to use them. You can, if you wish!

Using Twitter Bootstrap?

NeatForms supports twitter bootstrap out of the box.
This is of course optional. Support for other frameworks is on the way. (Feel free to suggest one in the comments!)

What’s included?

Included are three PHP Classes, two of them are just used by NeatForms alone, you are just concerned with the main ‘form’ class. Should you want to extend or customize NeatForms, feel free to take a look at them. (They are currently not very well-documented but this will be improved in the next version)

I have also written 7 example PHP files that cover most of the common forms including how to use the jQuery plugin, AJAX and the twitter bootstrap layout options.

Quick start

I encourage you to read through the examples/*.php files for detailed instructions. However, here’s the “hello world” of NeatForms:

In conclusion

I hope this introduction was clear, if it wasn’t – Feel free to suggest any changes in the comments. If there’s any feature change/add you’d like to see, I’d love to hear, so please comment! :)

Cheers and happy Form Building!