For a number of years Google has been on the forefront of search engine development. Therefore when considering search engine optimisation Google continues to set the standard.

Page Ranking (PR) is a Google-ism that has become an industry standard. A website’s ranking is measured by how many incoming links they receive from other web pages and how highly ranked those other pages are.

Search engine optimization methods frequently rely heavily on improving a page’s search engine ranking; however, page ranking alone is not enough to increase web site traffic.

Google drives the search engine market and 65% of internet searches go through Google daily. An interesting exercise would be to look at 10 websites all employing search engine optimization with identical keywords. What you would likely find is that the highest ranked page appears closer to the top of the search results than do other pages.

Two Sure Fire Ways Improve Ranking Using SEO

1. Back links are one of the most important SEO techniques that can be used to increase your website’s ranking. A back link’s value is twofold. Not only do they increase a site’s page ranking, but they also drive traffic to your site directly.

2. Quality back links are infinitely more valuable than quantity back links. If you are going to develop back links to your website it is to your advantage to align your site with other highly ranked sites. Your site will benefit by linking to a site that is ranked higher than your website; because Google will assign some of the attributes of the more successful linked site to your site, and this association will increase your page’s SEO rankings.

While developing quality back links is important to your page ranking, there are also other methods that your site can employ. Some of the more common ones are posting on popular blogs, bulletin boards and discussion forums, writing articles and submitting them to magazine sites and blogs, and writing press releases. All of these postings will contain a back link to your page, which again helps your site increase its ranking.

While back linking quality sites to your home page is important it is also advantageous to have deep links to your site. Deep links are back links that link directly to one of your website’s internal pages instead of just to the home or landing page.

When using Google’s Toolbar to evaluate page rankings always remember that the numbers are not necessarily current. While Google uses current data for its internal rankings, the toolbar’s information can be several months old.

With this in mind it may be worthwhile to develop a back link to a really relevant site even if it is not highly ranked just yet. Like you, that site is probably working hard to improve its ranking, and the next time Google updates its toolbar you may be very pleasantly surprised to be linked to a highly ranked site.

Getting a high page ranking with Google by itself may not bring you new traffic. You will want to take care that your site also has the best keywords associated with it, and that your website is optimized.