- Generate SQL connection strings with graphical interface
- Test the SQL server connection
- Browse for servers and instances
- Browse for databases
- Auto refresh connection state
- Handle the connection state changed events
- Set all advanced connectionstring properties
- Full customizable texts
- Modern user interface
- Customizable color styles for different states
- Multithreading refresh system (refresh server or database list on background)
- Bindable properties
- 56 properties, 12 events
- Complete MSDN style documentation with examples (VB.NET)
- Example project, documentation, source code (VB.NET), binaries are included (minimum requirement for source code: Visual Studio 2010)
- See video preview

- Written in VB.NET (the compiled DLL can be used also in C# applications)
- The control can be used only for Windows Forms Applications!

The documentation can be shown here: