Stock Manager Advance is php based web application that help you to manage your stock. Update stock, purchase and sales from anywhere, Office, Home, Warehouse or on the go. You only need internet connection for it.

Stock Manager Advance has built-in Invoice and Inventory System. Invoice System has Tax and Discounts. These will be really helpful to apply taxes and discounts automatically and the ability to generate invoice from quotation.

Responsive Theme with 3 styles, Calender to add events and daily/month sales and tax amounts. Advance and Improved reports for Overview, Stock Value per warehouse, custom sales and purchase reports.

Now you can manage multiple warehouses with Stock Manager Advance.

Re-designed the POS Module for better Performance, User Interface and Usability.


Currently, the following languages are available (Fully or Partially)
English, French, Indonesia, Thai, Spanish, Romanian, Spanish,
Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese and Czech.
If you need to add your own language that will be very easy too.

Role: username / password
Owner: / 12345678
Admin: / 12345678
Purchasing staff: / 12345678
Sales staff: / 12345678
Viewer only user: / 12345678