What we provide and to whom?

We provide full API for WordPress in JSON and XML format to mobile and web development.
In addition, many of the options which we leave to the user and the developer to easy control the application.
Plugin features full and clean integration with WordPress and what is great that also integrates with some additions useful plugins such as Jetpack.
Finally, what most makes us different is having full advantage of push notification in addition to a wonderful control system to send push notification
to all registered devices.


  • A wonderful control panel to send push notification
  • Many of dynamic options to you (developer) and to the end-user
  • Outputs two different data types XML / JSON
  • Full integration with WordPress’s core
  • Full integration with WordPress options and settings
  • Integrates with some awesome plugins and there is a future plan to more other plugins
  • Special settings for the application allows the user full control over the many options
  • All inputs are filtered and secured
  • Check required inputs for every method and show errors if missed any parameter
  • Tables and rows are fixed so no output tags will change and that’s mean no app crashes will happen :)
  • Plugin can send push notification when some optional actions happened:
  1. When administrator approved and published his post
  2. When administrator approved on his comment
  3. When added new comment on his post
  4. When someone comment on someone’s comment
  5. To all users subscribed in post when updated or edited
  • Option to use API with an authentication key system
  • Full documentation embedded inside the plugin for developer use
  • Option to Enable or Disable developer mode
  • Build your own service feature by GUI inside plugin [SOON 01-09-2014]
  • A lot of features will be available soon

API Services

User operations:

  • Login
  • Singup
  • Social signup and login
  • Lost password
  • List of authors
  • Get full profile for author
  • List of posts published by an author
  • Get posts that user comment in it


  • Publish new post
  • Get posts by category
  • Search in posts by title
  • Last posts in blog
  • Popular Posts in range days
  • View post by id
  • Archive
  • Get posts by archive time


  • Get comments of post
  • Comment in post
  • Last comments in blog
  • View comment by id


  • Get list of pages
  • View page by id


  • Get list of all categories
  • View category by id


  • Get list of all tags
  • Get posts by tag


  • Social accounts links and stats
  • Blog options and information
  • Contact WordPress administrator

Push Notification:

  • Save new device token

Try it now


  • Note: Some features in control panel will be disabled for security reasons
  • User: admin
  • Password: demo

How to install?

Just upload plugin files to the specified folder and sure that Permalink system is enabled


  • Full documentation embedded inside the plugin for developer use
  • Full documentation exists with plugin files
  • For quick view and test you can visit this link:



  • WordPress release 3.0 or later
  • PHP version 5.0 or later
  • Push notification system needs:
  • CURL library for Google
  • PHP SSL enabled for Apple
  • PHP version 5.4.0 for Apple


We will be happy if you ask us for any help http://smartiolabs.com/support